National Parks and Nature Reserves
National Parks and Nature Reserves   

National Parks and Nature Reserves National Parks and Nature Reserves: A South African Field Guide is a unique and indispensable guide to the hidden treasures of the country's best and most accessible conservation areas. Written by two prominent mammal experts and conservationists, it features a comprehensive overview of 43 of the country's best and most accessible parks, reserves and wilderness areas.

Organised by province, each protected area is presented in detail: history, location, landscape, geology, vegetation and wildlife, most notably mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. Engaging information panels list the highlights of each park or reserve, and provide key facts about its wildlife, climate, facilities and activities, as well as critical warnings for visitors.

More than 900 colour photographs, 139 park, vegetation and locator maps, and a 31-page photographic identification guide representing 323 mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, tree and flower species bring the content vividly to life.

The Authors
Chris and Mathilde Stuart Struik Travel and Heritage Founders of the African-Arabian Wildlife Research Centre, Chris and Mathilde Stuart, field ecologist and medical doctor respectively, work in the fields of biodiversity surveying, travel, photography and filming. They are famous for their popular science books, among them Field Guide to the Mammals of Southern Africa, Pocket Guide to Mammals of East Africa and Dangerous Creatures of Africa, and have contributed widely to scientific journals and magazines. For more on the work of Chris and Mathilde Stuart, visit

ISBN (Print softcover): 978 1 77007 742 3
ISBN (ePub): 978 1 92054 524 6 (available from mid-July 2012)
ISBN (PDF): 978 1 92054 525 3 (available from mid-July 2012)

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Print softcover: R260.00
ePub & PDF: ±R234.00
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